NY-based company launches line of CBD-infused dog treats

NEW YORK – Ever since Kenan Peters and his girlfriend brought home their lab-pit rescue Ginger nearly two years ago, she would show signs of severe separation anxiety.

“Usually [she would be] very whiney and whatnot, whenever we would step away,” Peters said. “It was always a hassle.”

Over the past few weeks, her behavior and outlook has dramatically changed.

“Whenever I get home, she’s a lot less antsy and she kinda just curls up next to my feet when I’m watching TV now,” he said.

What changed?
The Brooklyn man started giving Ginger dog treats containing CBD - the cannabis-based supplement that’s typically used as a holistic to treat a number of disorders including anxiety.

“She’s still very much the same dog, she’s just a lot less anxious,” Peters said.

The CBD-infused treats, which also come in a line of oils, were rolled out by the New York-based company Bark - the same group behind the popular monthly subscription BarkBox.

“We try to be ahead of the curb when it comes to what is happening in the pet space and in the dog world in particular,” BarkShop General Manager Melissa Seligmann said.

After seeing the benefits that CBD products had with their own dogs, the company started doing their own research, launching a line of products and nearly broke the internet in the process – selling out in the first day.

“It treats a range of symptoms. So be it anxiety, health and wellness, hip pain, arthritis, seizures,” Seligmann explained.

Whether they’re for humans or for our furry friends, CBD products have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few months.

Even a popular brunch spot here in New York has incorporated the soothing chemical compound into its menu.

Though there's still stigma around cannabis-related products, some dog owners are skipping out on pricey prescription meds for their pets and using CBD products instead.

“For us to allow the dog to really be the best dog it can be, to be its true self, we think CBD is a great way to reduce the anxieties of social situations,” Seligmann said.

The BarkShop’s line of CBD products isn’t recommended for puppies but according to the company – it’s effective with most breeds.

Learn more about the CBD-infused dog treats and oils by visiting the BarkShop website.

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