Affordable housing lottery updates guidelines to help vulnerable New Yorkers

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NEW YORK—The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development is updating guidelines for the affordable housing lottery, officials announced Tuesday,  in an effort to make the application process less complicated.

Changes to the guidelines will be put in to effect in an effort to benefit vulnerable individuals who are looking for affordable housing, the HPD said.

Currently, many New Yorkers find that it is nearly impossible to be accepted into the affordable housing lottery. The application process has stiff competition and residents are placed on a long waiting list.

Beginning in July, the new application process is eliminating mandatory employment history as a requirement.  This will benefit those who are either self-employed or freelancers, the HPD said.

Additionally, an applicant will no longer be rejected based solely on credit score. Bankruptcy consideration will only be based on a 12-month review, according to the HPD marketing handbook.

The HPD is also attempting to protect those who suffer from domestic violence. They will no longer be denied from the affordable housing lottery as a result of changes to their income or household composition, said the HPD.

Adverse factors, bad credit, or ability to pay back debts will not be taken into account for people who have suffered from domestic abuse, according to the HPD.

The HPD is hoping that these updates will create more access to affordable housing for vulnerable individuals.

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