NYPD puts nearly 300 extra officers on streets for Summer All Out

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NEW YORK — Hundreds of additional police officers will be deployed in high-crime neighborhoods during the summer months in hopes of continuing to reduce crime in New York City, the NYPD said.

Nearly 300 additional officers were added starting Thursday to the 32nd, 40th, 43rd, 67th, 73rd, 75th, 103rd and 120th precincts and PSA 7 for the Summer All-Out initiative, which averages about 35 extra officers per precinct.

All those officers attended a one-day refresher course designed to reemphasize the neighborhood policing and de-escalation techniques, officials said.

The program lasts from June until Labor Day in September.

“The all-out officers will be deployed precisely where the violence is still occurring. Their professional presence is a deterrent to crime. It also provides a measure of comfort to residents of that neighborhood,” NYPD chief of department Terence A. Monahan said.

“This is crucial because it doesn’t matter if crime statistics are showing the city is safe, and getting safer, even if every single New Yorker doesn’t actually feel they are safe.”

During 2017’s Summer All-Out initiative, the city saw significant reductions in shootings and murders in commands where additional officers were assigned.

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