Six Flags Great Adventure opens newest ride: ‘Cyborg Cyber Spin’

JACKSON, N.J. — It extends to a height of 70-feet and spins in every direction.

Each ride is different from the last; the ‘Cyborg Cyber Spin’ is unpredictable that way.

It’s the first ride of its kind in America, due to the fact that it spins on a triple-axis.

“Six Flags Great Adventure is thrilled to launch its newest innovation, an unparalleled, hi-tech ride unlike anything our guests have ever seen or experienced,” said Park President, John Winkler.

“Our new Metropolis section is now home to the most futuristic, jaw-dropping thrill ride in the park.”

The Cyborg is named for the DC comics’ superhero.

The ride is right by the park entrance.

Its triple-box design allows the gondola to spin around three separate axes while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to seven-stories in the air.