New study shows that Brooklyn has the greatest number of rat complaints

NEW YORK — While living in the”The Big Apple,”it is a given that you will come across your fair share of rats.

A new study conducted by RentHop found that rats are more prevalent in certain areas of NYC over others.

RentHop gathered data from 2017 to observe which boroughs and neighborhoods have the highest number of rat complaints.

Results showed that Brooklyn has the greatest number of rodent complaints, followed by Manhattan. Meanwhile, Queens had the lowest amount of rodent complaints despite it’s large size.

The neighborhoods with most rodent complaints are either located within walking distance to parks or situated next to various shops and establishments. Researchers believe that rodents thrive in these areas because it allows them to burrow for shelter.

To avoid rodent infestations, RentHop says that it is important to securely tie garbage bags and properly discard them.