Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to allocate $500M for affordable senior housing

NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio is now supporting the City Council’s plan to allocate $500 million for affordable senior housing.

The mayor was a late guest to a rally on City Hall steps Tuesday.

The announcement comes just 24 hours after the mayor signed a consent decree handing over control of NYCHA and $2.2 billion of city money to fix it.

A two-year federal investigation produced a scathing 80-page complaint from the U.S. Attorney's office, uncovered lies by city bosses and covered up problems for years inside public housing concerning lead, mold, rats, and even elevator repairs.

“You can't read that document without feeling a little sick to your stomach over conditions being that appalling,” said Speaker of the City Council, Cory Johnson.

When Speaker Johnson was asked if the mayor and deputy mayor maybe forced to testify, he admits it has never been done before but it’s not ruled out.

“We have to have a conversation internally which we will we are going to have," Speaker Johnson said. "The budget is this week. We will have a conversation with the appropriate chairs and the wider membership of the council."

When PIX11 reached out to the mayor's office about the possibility of the mayor and deputy mayor testifying in front of the City Council, the mayor’s press secretary, Eric Phillips, responded, “Nah.”

PIX11 News asked, “Is this the city’s official statement?” Phillips responded, “yep.”