Custodian at Queens Supreme Court dies after on-the-job fall while allegedly drunk

QUEENS — A custodial assistant at Queens Supreme Court, who was allegedly drunk during her night shift, died after falling down the stairs at work.

Carolina Wilson, 50, who worked for the Department of Citywide Administrative Services at the courthouse, started her shift at 9:30 p.m. on May 4.

In surveillance video obtained by PIX11, Wilson is seen walking into work normal, but two hours later, things changed drastically.

The video later shows Wilson being wheeled away by a DCAS co-worker and a supervisor in a chair. She had apparently been drinking. Instead of following policy and procedures, the men in the video take Wilson into a private room to sober up.

About two hours later, Wilson is seen stumbling around before falling down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck.

Christina Almonte, Wilson’s daughter said, “they should have called 911 whether or not she was drunk or was going to lose her job her life is worth more than a job.”

Sources tell PIX11 this alleged cover-up is not an isolated incident.

"I’m not shocked," sources said. "I’ve seen other DCAS workers drunk at work and the agency did nothing.”

Wilson was taken to Jamaica Hospital where she later died. The Queens District Attorney is investigating Wilson’s death, whose blood alcohol level was extremely high.

The family hired attorney Patrick Foster to look into what happened.

"We are seeking justice for this family and a sense of closure," Foster said. "This should have never happened.”

In a statement DC 37, the union for the workers said,

“This was a tragic death, of course we have sent our condolences to the family and the union insists on a thorough investigation of this case for the safety of the workers”

DCAS did not comment.