Howard gets customer tattoo refund

Long Islander Channing Hughes wanted a tattoo of a favorite Harry Potter character on her shoulder and arm.

So, she got in touch with local tattoo artist Kris Busching. She gave him a $300 deposit and made an appointment well in advance to get inked at a shop in Massapequa where Busching sometimes works.

But the week before the appointment, Channing said she had trouble getting in touch with the artist.

“He told me to text him,” Channing told me. "He did not reply to my text. I emailed him. He did not reply to my email. I called the shop they said this happens a lot.”

She went over anyway the day of the appointment. Kris Busching was a no show. So, Channing asked for a refund.

Busching agreed to a refund but then Channing said he ignored her communications. So, she got in touch with me.

I went over to the tattoo shop and left my card. Apparently, Busching also does his artwork at a number of other salons.

A few days later, I got Kris Busching on the phone. We had a pleasant talk. He said there must have been some kind of misunderstanding -- and he agreed to refund Channing’s deposit.

And, to his credit, he did that right away.