News Closeup: The plan to diversify NYC high schools; concerns over Trump’s tarrifs

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NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a proposal to reform admission standards for the city’s eight specialized high schools.

He wants to do away with the entrance exams to create more space for minority students from underachieving schools and increase racial and ethnic diversity at the elite schools.

It’s a plan that has been met with enormous backlash from parents and educators who think a better approach would be to address the failing grade school system.

On this edition of News Closeup, hear from three guests with insight on the plan and its potential repercussions.

Then, President Donald Trump announced that he would impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum from three of the United States' biggest trading partners: Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

The president’s plan is causing deep concern among allies who fear the tariffs will result in trade wars. Hear from Lew Weiss, CEO of All Metals and Forge Group and co-host of Manufacturing Talk Radio.

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