Party held for Bronx survivor shot in the head on 5th birthday

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CLAREMONT, the Bronx— “I’m having fun,” said six-year-old Jaheem Hunter at a celebration of life held in his honor Saturday.

Dressed in a Spider-Man costume, walking and talking, it was hard to believe little Jaheem was shot in the head a year ago on his 5th birthday.

When asked what he likes about Spider-Man, he answered, “the webs,” with a big smile on his face.

In his honor, his family held a “beating gun violence" celebration at the Claremont Neighborhood Center in the Bronx, the same area where he was taking a walk with his dad when he was hit by a stray bullet.

“He was on the floor, I thought he was dead, he didn’t move,” said his big sister Aja Holmes, who is also his legal guardian.

She rushed him to the hospital in her own car, and since has been by his side through the countless surgeries and therapy.

“I never imagined him running around and as healthy as he is, we’re blessed," she said.

Little Jaheem, who just turned six, still suffers from seizures and has a scar across his head from the titanium plate doctors placed on his little skull.

“For something senseless like this to happen, it’s heartbreaking,” said Holmes.

As Jaheem, who barely survived a gunshot, bravely recovers, his family is calling him their superhero.

“Superhero’s get hit with bullets and they keep going. That’s what Jaheem did, it didn’t stop him,” added Holmes.

The family says they will continue to fight against gun violence.

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