How to ditch a dead-end job and make a real career

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Ateika Samuel, a technology consultant at Citibank, is living her dream.

Before her new career in IT, the bright and optimistic employee was a single mom waiting tables, hoping she'd find a way to pay for college to get ahead.

Now, she said she makes three times as much and her goal is to be a project manager.

The main different? Training.

The team at NPower puts students through six months of classwork to work in the technology field. Half of all job now require the skills.

They help applicants find pathways to success by partnering with corporate giants.

"Providing skills that are in demand in the workforce, supporting people’s interest to change the direction of their lives economically and to also increase the represenataion of diversity in the information technology field" is the organization's goal, said Kim Mitchell, a vice president at NPower.

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