Cops bust alleged members of Bronx drug gang that sold heroin responsible for overdose deaths

NEW YORK — Authorities have charged 18 alleged members of a Bronx drug gang for selling fentanyl-laced heroin believed to be responsible for at least five overdose deaths.

Local and federal law enforcement raided several locations in the Bronx on Tuesday, seizing three kilograms of heroin, about $300,000 in cash and a loaded firearm.

Authorities say the suspected drug dealers sold the heroin in glassines stamped with various names, including "Obsession," ''Fist with a Power Cord" and "Hands Up."

The arrests were made following an 11-month investigation. It picked up in urgency because police realize people were dying from the ring's drugs.

"This was a violent organization pushing poison on to the streets of New York City in the suburbs," a police spokesman said.

It does not appear any of the 18 people under arrest will face homicide or manslaughter charges related to the deaths that can be traced back to this heroin, police said. There are serious federal drug trafficking charges pending.