Howard wants to save stately old house

Dr. Jilliann Elliott-Broutman of New Rochelle thinks she’s found the perfect home for her family. She and her husband, attorney Eric Broutman would like to buy and restore a huge old home in their city. It’ll be great for their three growing boys. But the owners can’t be reached.

The house was foreclosed on by the company that had a reverse mortgage on it, Reverse Mortgage Solutions. The company, by the way, has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“I’ve called them…They tell me I need to contact the owner. I said you are the owner.” That’s the way Dr. Elliott-Broutman describes her experience. She just wants to give the house the TLC it needs and bring it back as a jewel in the neighborhood instead of an eyesore.

Because she’s gotten such a run around, she got in touch with us. And we found out firsthand how hard it is to get in touch with this company. We got ahold of customer service reps. But they claim they don’t have the phone numbers for corporate. One did take a message and said she’d relay it. But we never heard back from any of the executives we asked for.

Reverse Mortgage is a subsidiary of Ditech Holdings. So, we tried getting hold of a Ditech executive. Surely, she would know how to contact a colleague. But when we called the Ditech Mortgage CEO, we were told we’d reached her voicemail, then got horrible distorted music and then a permanent busy signal. Apparently, the CEO doesn’t want any messages.

We’re not done. These big companies have a real impact on cities, as demonstrated by this decaying house that can be brought back to elegance, if only the corporate owner would care.

We’ll see.