Thousands gather in NYC to fight for stronger gun laws, end to gun violence

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LOWER MANHATTAN — People from across the globe gathered in New York, all fighting for stronger gun laws and an end to gun violence.

Over a thousand people, from children to adults, turned out for the Youth Over Guns rally at Korean War Veterans Plaza in Brooklyn Saturday and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge together.

Many of them held signs, and others pushed a white casket to show what the loss of just one life looks like.

“They need to put the guns down she was in her house, not like she was in the streets somewhere,” said marcher Dameon Joyner.

One man wore a t-shirt with his daughter’s face on it.

A stray bullet took her life in 2015 while she was inside of their Long Island home.

Youth activists, gun violence prevention organizations and survivors of gun violence led the march.

“We’re all sick of tired of thoughts and prayers. We want action,” Co-founder of March for Our Lives NYC Sean Papanier said.

New Yorkers weren’t the only ones here fighting for change.

Cities from around the world, including Toronto and London, want to fight for changes.

Many say they will continue marching until they see a difference.

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