Active-shooter drill at New Jersey City University helps emergency responders prepare for the worst

JERSEY CITY — A gunman has entered New Jersey City University, unleashing pure terror.

In a matter of seconds, casualties soar as the shooter gains ground on the campus. Responding officers finally arrive and swarm the scene.

To any onlooker, it looks like the real deal, but the scenario is just a drill conducted by the Jersey City Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

“It gives them a chance to rehearse real time with their partners with each other in real-life conditions,” Jersey City public safety director James Shea told reporters Friday.

It’s this type of intense training that’s going to help Hudson County law enforcement prepare for the next potential mass shooting.

The multidiscipline active-shooter exercise included real actors as well as the participation of law enforcement officials from all agencies.

The training enforces what they know and also exposes what they could get better at.

“We learned that victims inside a place we’re dealing with may need immediate medical attention,” Shea said. “They can’t wait until we finish doing the police function.”

With mass shootings and terror attacks evolving, according to Hudson County officials, the training will do so too.

Officials said the next active-shooter drill is expected to take place at a Jersey City school.