NYC couple turns their real lives into a sitcom

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BROOKLYN — Brianne Berkson and Michael Gluckstern are turning their real lives into a sitcom -- sort of.

As musicians and filmmakers, the couple decided to create a series based on what they'd look like if they succumbed to the lowest common denominator of the showbiz industry and BriGuel was born.

"It's a comment on what I see around how people don't care about the message, don't care about what they're doing as long as they make it happen," Gluckstern said.

While Berkson and Gluckstern play satirical versions of themselves, the back story is true and the show features their actual family members who sometimes have trouble telling when they're in a scene or reality.

"Look at the life we're living right now. You don't know what's real, what's not," Berkson said. "Even in reality TV, you don't know what's real, what's not. Some of it's scripted, some of it's not, so we're just going that same path."

In the show, the couple aspires to be the next Brangelina or Bennifer while their family and faith play a huge role in the journey.

"Jewish humor, I don't know how, but that's a thing. The moment you put Jewish it becomes comedy, also drama, but mainly comedy," Gluckstern said.

Like any good joke, there's a lot of truth in the characters the couple portrays on screen. And they both hope in between the laughs, viewers will also find some perspective.

"There has to be a spectrum of good, bad, and different from a whole wide view so that you can show: a) that we're all like this; b) isn't this a little silly; and c) let's transform, let's change," Berkson said.

The pair is currently shopping their show, but in the meantime they're planning on their own real-life wedding. To find out more you about BriGuel you can follow along on their social media channels @BriGuelShow and @WeAreBriGuel.

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