No more homework? NY school district considers change

ROCKLAND COUNTY, NY —  School officials in a New York county are exploring the district’s homework policy following a petition from students asking that schools get rid of homework, Lohud reported.

They could limit or even eliminate traditional homework assignment by the start of the next school year. Officials started their review after two students at a North Rockland school collected more than 150 signatures on a petition they circulated during recess one day.

“I get stressed out a lot when I do it,” Christopher DeLeon, one of the students, told Lohud. “I would literally cry. Math worksheets are usually what break me down.”

Students aren’t the only ones who have voiced concerns over homework. Teachers of the 8,000 students across the district have also approached Assistant Superintendant Kris Felicello.

“Homework is such a controversial topic,” Felicello told Lohud. “Some people feel strongly we shouldn’t have it and some feel it’s a rite of passage. When the students came to me and were so passionate about it, it was kind of that tipping point.”

Students also aren’t necessarily learning by doing homework.

“They have group chats where they’re texting each other all the answers – ‘I’ll do this problem, you do that problem’ – and just copying it down,” Felicello told News12. What are kids getting out of that?” asks Felicello.

North Rockland isn’t the first school district exploring homework changes. A Florida school district recently made a policy change on homework, WFTV reported. Students are asked to read with their families every night in place of traditional homework.

Schools in New York wouldn’t necessarily go that far, Lohud reported. Instead, they made shift to more “home learning” instead of traditional homework assignments.

PIX11 has reached out to the North Rockland school district for comment.

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