Howard fights for power

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. — Yvette Gordon is a talented sculptor who prides herself on keeping busy.

“I study all the time," Gordon, 95, told me. “I attend classes at least three or four a week.”

But she says Con Edison has kept her busy in ways she doesn’t really appreciate.

A tree fell into the power lines of a pole on her property during that big snowstorm we had in March. She called the utility right away.

“They never showed,” she told me.

Sure, plenty of people in the area were out of power. So, maybe we can cut Con Ed a break. But not for sending out at least three crews in the ensuing weeks and doing nothing.

In fact, one time Yvette was told she needed some kind of permit from the city.

Yvette was a little lucky. She had a generator and propane to keep her going for the short term, and she had a handyman who could jerry rig a fix. But she needed Con Ed for a permanent repair.

Here it was May and still no fix.

So, we came out and I made a phone call to Con Ed. Yvette says within a short time someone was out there to assess the situation.

And a week later…

“Two men came. They looked and said, 'What was the big deal?'” she said.

Yvette tells me they fixed the line in about 20 minutes. She’s happy and we’re happy that she’s happy.

And we’re even happier that we had a chance to see some of her magnificent sculptures.

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