Katz’s deli now delivering monthly subscription boxes

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Since 1888, Katz's delicatessen has been carving up some of the finest corned beef and pastrami in the world and in the 1940s, they started sending their fine foods around the globe.

"Our slogan is, 'Send a salami to your boy in the Army.' We've been doing that since World War II and we still do that today," owner Jake Dell said.

Now, Katz's customers can satisfy their cravings month after month thanks to the deli's new subscription service. Dell announced the program as part of Katz's 130th anniversary.

"Now that technology allows us to do those things, to plan ahead, to offer 12-month subscription plans, we're excited about it," he said.

Packages cost $150 per month or $1,500 for the year. They're delivered monthly with enough food to feed four to six people.

For example, June's package includes one medium pastrami, one pound of sliced pastrami, a loaf of rye bread, one pound of mustard, a quart of pickles and a Katz's T-shirt.

"Absolutely terrific. I mean I'm close enough I can come down, but for other people it's terrific," Katz's customer Terry Mandia said.

While customers say they love the idea of getting their favorite meats delivered right to their doorstep, they do question whether their sandwiches will taste as good as they do on the Lower East Side.

"I think nothing beats coming here, but for those that maybe can't get down to the Lower East Side or to Brooklyn as frequently as they'd like, this is a little taste of home," Dell said.

And at least you won't have to wait at the counter.

"Freshness, you don't know about that, but from what I read, it's next-day service so it could get there tomorrow," said Kelvin Villegas, who made the deli a "must-eat" on his trip from San Francisco.

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