Pair beat man, try to forcibly deport him to China: police

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A pair of immigration vigilantes allegedly attempted to forcibly deport a man to China after they beat him, police said.

Tianshu Shi, a pilot in training at a flight school in California, was at his apartment on May 24 when Jonathan McConkey and his assistant Kelsi Hoser showed up at his home to and allegedly told Shi they were going to send him back to China, Redding police said. The next day, they came back to Shi’s home in the morning and told him to come with them.

Shi refused, police said. McConkey allegedly “battered” Shi and threatened more physical violence if her didn’t go with them. Shi left with them “in fear for his safety” and was taken to Redding Municipal Airport where McConkey and Hoser allegedly planned to send Shi back to China.

But Shi had called his brother and told him somebody was at his brother to take him away. a police spokesperson said. The brother called another student at the flight school who told him Shi had been assaulted and taken away.

He called police to report the kidnapping, officials said. Officers found Shi, McConkey and Hoser at the airport. They arrested McConkey and Hoser on conspiracy and kidnapping charges.

“The police officer is the best American,” Shi told Searchlight about the police who rescued him.

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