Officer fires shot following car chase in Brooklyn

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn — A police officer fired a shot at a vehicle after they were led on a chase in Brooklyn.

It happened around 11 p.m. when a party boat discharged its passengers around 58th Street and First Avenue in Sunset Park, and a large dispute took place, police said.

Police responded to the dispute where it was reported that at least one round was fired. A semi-automatic handgun and baseball bat were also recovered at the scene, according to authorities.

Minutes later, a vehicle left the scene at a high rate of speed, which led police to pursue the vehicle, said cops.

The suspected vehicle, which carried three individuals, crashed during the pursuit.

As officers approached the vehicle, one of the officers discharged one round, injuring the driver of the vehicle on his finger, police said.

The three individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment and are expected to be released, said police.