Mayor: ‘I reject any comparison’ to Trump

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LOWER MANHATTAN, N.Y. — He did not exactly bury the hatchet.

A day after Mayor de Blasio’s administration was forced to release more than 4000 pages of emails, many of them attacking the news media, and specifically New York City’s tabloids, the mayor came out swinging.

“Thing’s have gotten really negative, really divided and the tabloid culture is to blame and I hope there will be changes," de Blasio said.

But clearly not anytime soon.

The New York Post photoshopped a picture of the Mayor with a Donald Trump bouffant hairdo and the Daily News showed the mayor looking at his reflection in a mirror with a Donald Trump clown face looking back at him.

The mayor was clearly not amused by any comparison.

“Donald Trump has tried to divide people. He’s a rich guy trying to reinforce the power of the wealthy,” de Blasio said.

“I have spent my entire life trying to empower working people left out. I don’t see the world even slightly the way Trump does and I reject any comparison,” he added.

The mayor made a rare visit to City Hall’s Room 9, where the City Hall press corps toils each day.

It was a 26-minute combative back and forth with reporters.

For two years, the mayor fought to keep emails he sent to his advisors, his so-called kitchen cabinet, private, but they were released under a Freedom of Information request from New York One and the New York Post.

And the mayor continued to be defensive and testy about their release.

“Every person in this room has had unvarnished conversations with people you work with,” the mayor said.  “You would not want those emails published,” he added.

The mayor lashed out at the news media and their corporate owners and praised non profit, public tv and radio, and subscription services, which he says gives him hope.

“I think the great news about the digital age is there are more and more outlets emerging with different world views,” the mayor said as he was leaving Room 9.

“It gives me hope that there will be diversity of dialogue going forward,” de Blasio added.

This will not be the end of it.

City Hall is expected to be forced to release even more... thousands more emails later this summer.


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