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Howard helps women having trouble with the same business

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BROOKLYN — Every so often we get to try to help multiple people at the same time. It happened with Ester and Rose, two women who just happened to email us about the same time with problems concerning the same business: BNI Supply on Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

In both cases, the company owner, a guy named Ibrahim, took money and didn’t do the job he’d promised. He had $1,000 from Rose for wood flooring. He had several thousand dollars from Ester for some home remodeling and cabinet work. There are still a lot of little things he hasn’t done for Ester.

“He kept asking for money because he was short,” Ester told me. “And he kept promising us more and more things if we were gonna pay up front, and then he stopped showing up.”

So, I went to pay Ibrahim a visit. He wasn’t around but the guy who was manning the store put me in touch with him on the phone. Ibrahim promised to take care of both Ester and Rose.

To Ibrahim’s credit, within a few days, Rose had two money orders totaling $1,064 to cover her refund plus her court costs in pursuing her refund.

As for Ester, “No progress. He calls, says he’s coming. He never showed up.”

So, Ester and I went back to BNI Supply and I called Ibrahim again.

He asked me not to put the story on the air, but his time was up. He’d had plenty of time.

Ibrahim again promised to get Ester’s job done and he did show up at her house on May 24. But he came with excuses, claiming he’d learned from his mistakes and saying he’d do the job.

OK, Ibrahim. We’re waiting. And we’re watching. I’d rather not have to go back to BNI Supply.

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