Bronx moms say they haven’t had hot water for weeks

CASTLE HILL, the Bronx — Bronx residents say they've been stuck taking cold showers and baths for weeks because their Castle Hill Houses apartments haven't had hot water.

Emma Pleasant, a 10-year-old resident, struggles to get ready for school because of the problem, she said.
“I can’t take a bath. I want hot water," she said. "Fix it now."

Milagros Arzuaga, a woman who also lives at the development, said it’s a struggle everyday to bathe her toddler.

“We still don’t have hot water and it’s been two or three weeks,” Arzuaga said.

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority says, “We have confirmed that the hot water service is working at this site. Staff will visit both apartments to assess the situation and schedule the necessary repair work as soon as possible. We can and must do better for our residents.”

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