Bear seen roaming NJ neighborhoods captured

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RIDGEWOOD, N.J. — A bear that was roaming through several neighborhoods in New Jersey on Thursday has been tranquilized and captured and will be relocated, authorities said.

Police were tracking the small black bear after it was first spotted overnight in Midland, according to police.

The bear made its way northwest, eventually being spotted in Ridgewood around 10:50 a.m. Thursday.

Ridgewood police shared pictures of the bear walking and eating near a home before continuing on its way.

The bear eventually settled in a tree near Evergreen and Hemlock streets, bordering Waldwick and Midland Park, Midland police tweeted.

Animal control is on the scene, police said.

Students in the area were told to remain indoors while the bear remained on the loose.

"It's always delicate -- middle of the day, kids in school, kids in the neighborhoods -- so it's a very difficult situation because you don't want anyone to get hurt and you don't want the bear to get hurt, too," said Lt. Tom Dowling, with Waldwick police.

After a few hours, the bear came down from the tree. It had been tranquilized, tagged and tattooed with a number. It likely will be taken to a western part of the state where there are more hilly, wooded places well-suited for New Jersey's black bear population.

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