President Trump discusses MS-13 gang violence on Long Island

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BETHPAGE, N.Y. — President Donald Trump is holding a round table discussion Wednesday afternoon on Long Island to discuss immigration and his plans to put an end to MS-13 gang violence.

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The MS-13 gang has brought fear to the streets on Long Island.

It has been a bloody few years with the El Salvador-based gang known for its brutal murders, often targeting young people.

President Trump is meeting with Long Islanders at the Morrelly Homeland Security Center, where he is talking about the need to remove the gang members.

It was just last week when the president used the word "animals" to describe people who enter the country illegally.

Despite the comment raising eyebrows, the White House released a fact sheet leading up to the event called, "What you need to know about the violent animals of MS-13."

The White House noted nearly 40 percent of all killings in Suffolk County between January 2016 and June 2017 were tied to the dangerous gang.

Last month, MS-13 allegedly asked its Long Island members to kill police following a law enforcement crackdown.

Recent reports show Long Islanders do feel the police crackdown on the gang is working.

The president has been vocal about his desire for the violent gang to be eradicated, vowing to stop the violence.

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