Man accused of stabbing pregnant girlfriend joked, with knife, about ‘murdering’ birthday cake

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THE BRONX — The photos from nine years ago seem eerie considering what Oscar Alvarez is now accused of doing.

The Bronx resident, charged with stabbing his pregnant girlfriend multiple times this week — resulting in the loss of their unborn baby girl — is seen in Facebook pictures celebrating a family birthday in 2009.

Alvarez is holding a cake knife in one hand and hugging his mother with the other.

The photo’s caption reads: “About to murder that ‘Cake’, lmao.”

Other photos show Alvarez about to cut the cake.

The remark seems somewhat prophetic of bad days to come, because Alvarez is now charged with repeatedly stabbing his live-in girlfriend, Liv Abreu, who was 26 weeks pregnant with their daughter.

An argument broke out in the couple’s third-floor Bronx apartment on Walton Avenue early Tuesday.

Alvarez allegedly stabbed Abreu, a former U.S. paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, in the chest and side multiple times.

Alvarez told police he cleaned up and changed his clothes. He allegedly took Abreu’s cellphone when he left the apartment so she couldn’t call for help.

When he finally went out about 30 minutes after the stabbing, a critically wounded Abreu managed to drag herself to a neighbor’s apartment on the second floor to call 911.

Earlier this month, Alvarez had reposted a selfie he took on his birthday in October 2013. He’s wearing a nice suit and tie. One of his aunts posted a message, telling him to give a kiss to “Liv.”

Back to the birthday celebration from March 2009 and a second photo shows Alvarez holding his mother tight is captioned, “My mom and I. She loves me.”

Alvarez is now being held without bail on Rikers Island, charged with the attempted murder of Abreu.

An NYPD source explained to PIX11 that the loss of an unborn fetus is not considered a homicide.

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