Firefighter who says he wasn’t promoted because he’s white gets $450K

PLAINFIELD, N.J. — A New Jersey city will pay $450,000 to settle a lawsuit with the deputy fire chief who alleged he wasn’t promoted because he is white.

Jeffrey Courtney filed a lawsuit in 2016 against Plainfield Fire Chief Frank Tidwell, the city of Plainfield and the Plainfield Fire Department. The Courier News reports the settlement was agreed to at a May 13 council meeting.

As part of the settlement, Courtney will be banned from city employment and cannot disparage or defame the city in the future. The settlement does not include the admission of guilt or wrongdoing by any of the defendants.

Courtney is also not allowed to comment publicly or discuss the agreement.

Tidwell denied any discrimination, saying he played an instrumental role in promoting firefighters regardless of race.