Howard and nun team up to get job done

In March, we told you about the plight of Maryann Christiano. She’s in difficult mental and emotional shape. She has no family. She’s supposed to be cared for by Selfhelp Community Services, a nonprofit that acts as a legal guardian for hundreds of New Yorkers.

But the nun who’s trying to help Christiano, Sister Lauria Fitzgerald, said the guardian was just dropping off money once a month and leaving Christiano to her own devices.

Her apartment was in unbelievable squalor when we visited. So, we promised to try to help.

I contacted Selfhelp and Fitzgerald kept the heat on.

Lo and behold, Christiano's apartment was renovated. It’s great now. And Selfhelp is working with Arch Care, an arm of the Archdiocese to make sure Christiano has help.

It will start with an aide there round the clock, and then be reevaluated to see how she’s doing.

We’re glad to have helped. And glad there are people like Fitzgerald doing God’s work.