Roof partially collapses as firefighters battle blaze at Bronx home

FORDHAM HEIGHTS, the Bronx — A home’s roof partially collapsed as firefighters battled a blaze consuming two buildings in the Bronx Monday morning, AIR11 footage showed.

A home’s roof partially collapses during a fire in the Bronx on May 21, 2018. (AIR11)

Firefighters were on scene at 2075 Anthony Ave. as of 5:55 a.m., FDNY confirmed.

AIR11 footage of the scene showed firefighters on the top floor and roof of two homes, battling flames.

One of the homes suffered a partial roof collapse as multiple firefighters stood nearby.

Shortly after pieces of the roof fell within feet of firefighters, flames died down.

Firefighters appeared to be faced with patches of flames on the home’s roof when AIR11 left the scene at 7 a.m. The fire was under control by 8 a.m., FDNY tweeted.

No injuries have been reported.