Endorsed by ‘The Mooch’: Rep. Congressional Candidate Grimm campaigns on Staten Island

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BLOOMFIELD, Staten Island— Anthony Scaramucci was on Staten Island to throw his support behind Republican congressional candidate Michael Grimm.

"Now unfortunately I only spent 11 days in Washington. Some people like to say it was 10 days and that hurts my feelings."

Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci made light of his brief and turbulent run as White House communications director.

"When you think about my experience, sometimes I have to say 964 thousand seconds because it makes me feel better," he jested.

Scaramucci is hoping his praise for Michael Grimm, a former congressman who spent 8 months in prison for tax evasion, will help defeat incumbent Republican Dan Donovan, who they say is anti-Trump, in the June primary.

"We know Michael is going to vote with, he's going team up with, he's going to side with the president."

It's the Trump connection that Grimm is counting on.

Grimm heaped praise on President Trump in his speech to supporters and is positioning himself to gain the support of loyal Staten Island and Brooklyn Trump supporters.

When asked whether or not Scaramucci is the right guy to be endorsed by because he left the White House "in disgrace", Grimm quickly pulled a page from the Trump playbook.

"I don't think that's disgraceful at all. I take offense to that word. Quite frankly, maybe you in the media think it is but when you have his career then we can talk about it"

We reached out to the Donovan campaign for a response to Grimm's endorsement by Scaramucci.

"Yesterday we were honored to receive the endorsement of Rudy Giuliani and will gladly take that any day over someone who proudly voted for Clinton and Obama," Jessica Proud, campaign spokesperson said.

The primary is June 26th.

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