Strangers’ subway exchange goes viral — and helps third-grader ace test

RUTHERFORD N.J. — An exchange with a stranger on the Q train has resulted in a good grade for a third-grader from Rutherford, New Jersey, and it’s exploded into a surprising social media sensation for his dad.

"The next person needs help and they ask you, I mean it wouldn’t hurt helping them out,” Corey Simmons Sr. said. "Because as a result, my son was able to pass the test.”

Corey Simmons Jr. had a tough time on his fractions exam last month. He failed.

As his dad sat on the subway on his way to pick up his son from his mother’s house in Brooklyn, he studied the exam in an effort to help his son.

A photo posted to Facebook by a woman named Denise Wilson, who was seated across from Simmons, shows Simmons looking perplexed. But soon, a stranger took a seat beside him. Turns out, the mystery man is a math whiz.

Simmons hopes he’ll hear from the man, so he can thank him.

"Let him know, what you showed me was able to help my son pass the test,” he said.

Corey Jr. got almost all the problems right when he took his fractions exam a second time.

"He said just try hard and you will pass,” he recalled his father’s advice.

The photo of the stranger-exchange on the Q train now has over 100,000 likes and shares.