News Closeup: NY AG resigns amid abuse allegations; Trump pulls out of Iran deal

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Another shocking fall from grace came last week as Eric Schneiderman resigned as New York State attorney general amid allegations he physically abused four women.

Schneiderman, once touted as a protector of women’s rights and an outspoken supporter of the #MeToo movement, is now facing allegations from women who accuse him of physical acts of violence. He’s also under investigation for potential criminal charges.

Marvin Scott talks to PIX11 political analyst Morgan Pehme and Chapin Fay, attorney and senior vice president at Mercury, about the case and other issues facing New York’s legislature.

Also this week, President Donald Trump announced he's withdrawing the U.S. from what he calls the "flawed" Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

The decision is being applauded by Israel and other Middle East allies, but is not well received by the United States' European allies or by Democrats who see it as a potentially dangerous move.

Hear from Nina Burleigh, national politics correspondent for Newsweek, about the decision and all its potential ramifications.

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