Manhattan miracle rent: Woman paid $28.43 for apartment

NEW YORK — In a city where rents have gone through the roof, one tenant held on to a real deal: $28.43 a month for a Manhattan apartment.

The New York Post reports that until she died recently at 84, that’s what Patricia O’Grady paid for the Greenwich Village walk-up where she moved in 1955.

She lived there with three other aspiring actresses who swept the hallway in exchange for their $16 rent.

There was no sink, no bath, and no hot water or heat, so the tenants added a sink themselves among other “modest amenities.” And they had two fireplaces.

That’s pretty much how it stayed till March this year, when O’Grady was hit by a car and suffered fatal injuries.

By then, her rent had gone up by a dozen dollars. She refused the building owner’s offers for improvements.