WATCH: Old Tappan Zee Bridge dismantled as new infrastructure projects advance

The last, iconic sections of the original Tappan Zee Bridge are descending onto barges in the Hudson River.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo marked the latest milestone in the bridge construction Tuesday morning.

Plans for a new Tappan Zee Bridge, which crosses the Hudson River and connects Westchester and Rockland counties, have been talked about for decades in New York, but were finally realized in 2017.

Cuomo has credited cooperation with state and federal authorities, and a design-build process with the contractor, as reasons for progress on the project, which he named after his own father, former governor Mario Cuomo.

"From building bridges to revitalizing our subway and rail systems, we have invested more in our infrastructure than any other administration, and now we must take the next step forward with an additional $125 billion commitment," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.