Allergies especially bad? You’re not alone. These tips can help:

NEW YORK — Are your allergies acting up more than usual this season? You're not alone.

Dr. Jordan S. Josephson is an ear, nose and throat, and sinus specialist with Lenox Hill Hospital. He is also the author of "Sinus Relief Now" and an allergy sufferer himself.

“Your allergies act up, your nose gets swollen, sinuses get congested then what happens is you wind up with an infection,” Josephson said.

He said the late winter is one reason for the difficult allergy season.

“The flowers and the trees didn’t know if it was spring or fall so they start to bloom then went back and receded when weather got colder. Now that the weather is warm, the allergies are coming out in full force and there’s pollen everywhere,” Josephson said.

Seasonal allergies affect more than 35 million people in the U.S. And they're not just an annoyance. They affect quality of life.

New Yorkers definitely have it rough.

“We have the wind blowing the allergens from New Jersey, and the allergens from the other way from Long Island, and we’re getting hit in the crossfire and because of the winds in the city. We’re getting more allergies here than in the suburbs," Josephson said.

Josephson has these suggestions for allergy sufferers:

  1. Irrigate your sinuses by using a nasal irrigation system, like Neti Pot.
  2. Use antihistamines and nasal sprays to treat symptoms.
  3. Shower and wash your hair every night to get the pollen off your body and head.
  4. See a specialist. If your allergies turn into a viral or bacteria infection and yellow/green discharge is in your nose or you’re coughing and congested, go to a doctor.
  5. Stay indoors. High-risk individuals, like those with asthma, should refrain from going outside on days with high pollen count.

“On windy days, you definitely want to stay home and keep the windows closed and air conditioning. Keeping your filters clean are good to help you with your allergies," Josephson said.