90-year-old retired NYPD lieutenant hit by SUV at Brooklyn car wash dies days after wife

A 90-year-old man and his wife were both killed when a car crashed into them.

GERRITSEN BEACH, Brooklyn — A 90-year-old retired NYPD lieutenant who was hit by an SUV at Brooklyn car wash along with his wife died of his injuries Tuesday.

Frank Tornabene’s wife was killed when a black Jeep Liberty rear-ended the elderly couple’s Honda Accord on May 1, police said. Tornabene and his wife — 85-year-old Joan Tornabene got out to inspect the damage. While they were checking it out,  a 61-year-old car wash employee reversed the Jeep, hit the building and then accelerated forward, slamming into the couple.

The Jeep hit the couple with such  force, the woman’s shoes were knocked off. Her husband’s cane flew from his hand. He was pinned under a wheel.

Witnesses say he was screaming, “where’s my wife, where’s my wife?!”

Mr. Tornabene was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but did not survive.

No arrests have been made.