‘Flash’ star Tom Cavanagh talks hit show, award-winning short film

NEW YORK, N.Y. — “The Flash” star Tom Cavanagh is most certainly my brother from another mother.

We both grew up in Africa. We both had malaria. And we both can’t get enough of his hit show.

Cavanagh portrays Dr. Harrison Wells, but through the seasons he's played many versions of the character. He gets to try different accents and change his hair, makeup and costumes. The modest man that he is, he says it’s part of the job.

His film “Tom and Grant” won Best Comedy Short at the Manhattan Film Festival. The project stars himself and his “The Flash” co-star Grant Gustin.

I couldn’t wait to talk to with him about his big win. We met up at Le District by Battery Park, at 225 Liberty St. It’s a French-themed marketplace with a produce market, cheese chop, butcher, restaurants, and more.