Take the Orange Sticker Challenge and ‘stick it to cancer’

NEW YORK — Each year, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined.

Melanoma is considered the most deadly form. Dermatologists Dr. Amy Brodsky is making it her mission to bring awareness to this epidemic.

While skin cancer affects people of all colors and races – some are more susceptible than others.

“It’s often the people who have light skin, light eyes – they should be getting checked once a year and also look at anything that might be changing,” Dr. Brodsky said. “The ABCD’s we call it - asymmetry, borders, color, diameter.”

During May, recognized as National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Brodsky is launching a social media campaign urging americans to “be a sun hero” and stick it to cancer – literally.

"All you have to do is slap on an orange sticker, snap your picture, share it on orangesticker.org and stick it to skin cancer,” she said.

Once the campaign reaches 100,000 picture uploads, $100,000 will be donated to four deserving sun-protection charities.

One lucky participant will also win a family vacation to Disneyland.

Head over to orangesticker.org for more info.