3 hospitalized after water taxi hits object in the East River

NEW YORK — Several passengers, including children, were shaken up, and three went to the hospital after aa NY water taxi struck an object in the East River Monday.

"It was a large piece of wood, looked like a beam, might have been a piece of an old pier that was floating out there," said one unidentified passenger.

In addition to the three passengers who were hospitalized, nine others on board suffered various injuries, but refused medical attention.

A police official tells PIX11 it was likely a combination of factors that caused the incident near Pier 17 at the old South Street Seaport, including rough water and sun glare that possibly blinded the captain’s view of whatever debris was in the water.

"$130 — and my kid went flying," said passenger Jessica Dempsey. "And my sister got hurt. I want my money back."

Back on land, several passengers had to wait more than an hour for refunds.

But management did eventually change its tune, only after news cameras joined the crowd at the ticket window.