Youth arm injuries on the rise in baseball

MIDDLESEX, N.J. — With baseball season in full swing, a new book called "Play Ball" has released some scary statistics about arm injuries in youth baseball.

The book reports a 100 percent increase in pitching-related injuries from Little League to high school and a 700 percent increase in high schoolers undergoing UCL reconstruction surgery since 2000.

It is co-authored by John Gallucci, Jr. of JAG Physical Therapy and Dr. Christopher Ahmad, Head Team Physician for the New York Yankees. The two professionals joined together after noticing this rise in injuries among young players. "Play Ball" discusses the cause for this rise, as well as certain ways to prevent your child from being sidelined this season.

One example is to enroll your child in a pitching or throwing clinic. Matt Belford, owner of Full Count Baseball and Softball Academy in Middlesex showed PIX11's Lisa Mateo the routine he puts all of his players through to prevent them from getting hurt.