Pizza Rat returns to NYC subway

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MANHATTAN — Is Pizza Rat back? A video posted Sunday has New Yorkers wondering if the subway’s most famous rodent has returned.

Instagram user @michaelcourant posted this video of a rat dragging a slice of cheese pizza backwards. The post says the incident happened at the 59 Street / Lexington Avenue stop on the downtown 6 train track. The video lasts just under 40 seconds.

The legend of Pizza Rat goes back to September 2015. A viral video captured a rat dragging a piece of pizza down the stairs at the L Train’s First Avenue / 14th Street station. But in December of 2016, the Brooklyn-based performance artist known as Zardulu said she staged the hoax and trained the animal.

After Pizza Rat, several other New York City animals went viral, from “Lollipop Raccoon” in Riverside Park, to “Garbage Rat” in Crown Heights, to “Avocado Rat” in Greenpoint Avenue’s subway station.

Now, one question remains: Was this Pizza Rat trained or just hungry?

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