Chick-Fil-A gives NJ employee $25,000 scholarship

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NEW JERSEY —  It was like Devin Lintao just hit a grand slam.

High fives and fist pumps from his teammates at Chick-Fil-A as the Communications major won a $25,000 scholarship for his hard work and dedication.

“He gives 100 percent in everything he does every time,” said coworker Erik Benitez, “He loves doing what he does.”

In addition to going to school and working at the fast food restaurant, Lintao is also a writer who covers the New York Mets, so he was surprised and thrilled that Mets legend Mookie Wilson was there to present him with the award.

Lintao could not express how grateful he was.

The award is part of Chick-Fil-A’s scholarship program, which will invest $14.5 million to almost 6,000 team members to help them pay for college.

Lintao said the scholarship is like the start of a perfect game for him and his family.

“I came from a family where we weren’t blessed to have wealth going in, and me and my sister like to talk about success a lot and how we’re going to shape the future for our family moving forward, and this is the first step of it,” he said.

Lintao said there’s no secret in his special sauce except doing what he can to help his team, whether that’s his family, Chick-Fil-A or the Mets.

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