Hoboken mayor to introduce gender-neutral bathroom legislation

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HOBOKEN, NJ — An ordinance requiring all public and private single-occupancy restrooms in Hobooken to be gender-neutral will be introduced Wednesday by Mayor Ravinder S. Bhalla.

“This is a chance for Hoboken to lead the state and the country in affirming the civil rights and dignity of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Bhalla.

Hoboken is committed to changing all affected restroom signs in time for LGBT Pride Month in June.

Human rights activists back Bhalla’s order, arguing everyone living and visiting Hoboken deserve access to safe and inclusive public spaces.

“This new policy and the proposed ordinance reflect best practices being adopted in a growing number of municipalities across the country and send a clear message that Hoboken is open for all,” said Xavier Persad, Legislative Counsel at the Human Rights Campaign.

If the City Council passes the ordinance, Hoboken will be the first city in New Jersey to pass a law like this. Bhalla’s executive order would immediately come into effect at the time of the signing.

Once it’s passed, existing businesses and affected entities will have 60 days from the effective date to comply and replace gender-specific signage to gender-neutral signs.

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