Howard follows safe company owner to court

Mak Lacka is about to face justice.

He’s the New Jersey safe company owner accused of numerous counts of theft by deception for allegedly taking a lot of money and not delivering the safes. Alleged victims are all over the country.

I’ve been on Mak’s case since March 2017. That’s when attorney Jef Henninger told me about the plight of one of his clients who was Lacka’s customer.

It looks like Mak’s case is finally coming to a head.

In Hackensack Municipal Court this week, Judge Louis Dinice said, “Enough is enough.”

He told Lacka, his attorney Joel Reidenfeld and prosecutor Elisbeth Crusius the case either gets resolved or goes to trial next week. After court, Mak ducked me and his attorney had no comment.

So, we’ll see what happens next week.