Police say MS-13 issues threat to officers on Long Island

MINEOLA, L.I. – Cops on Long Island are on alert Friday after receiving credible gang threats to murder police.

The threat comes hours after a top MS-13 gang leader was extradited to New York and arraigned.

Nassau County's Police Benevolent Associations is offering a reward to anyone who has information that can take down the MS-13 gang members who threatened police.

The Nassau County police commissioner is beefing up its police response after an informant tipped them off that the MS-13 gang wants to kill Long Island police officers.

There were separate threats this week — the most specific: a gang member wanting to assassinate a cop in Hempstead.

Commissioner Patrick Ryder said his department will not back down.

“MS-13 wants to threaten a cop in this county, and they are going to get an answer,” he said.

The first tip came in on Wednesday. Cops made several MS-13 gang arrests.

On Thursday, MS-13 leader Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, possibly the most dangerous gang leader in the northeast, was extradited to Long Island.

Corea Diaz allegedly ran a multimillion-dollar drug and murder operation on Long Island, in the Bronx, New Jersey, Maryland and Texas. Three months ago, 17 of his alleged co-conspirators were arrested.

This wave of threats to Long Island cops comes as MS-13 gang members have allegedly said there have been too many arrests and its time to take back the streets like do they El Salvador.

The police officers' union is holding a press conference, offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who can offer information leading to the arrest of gang members threatening to murder local cops.