Howard’s on it: Vet gets apartment and pastor could do time

Here’s the latest on a couple of stories we’ve told you about.

Nicole Steager is the Army vet who came to New York with her two daughters to escape domestic violence in Alabama. She got a royal runaround trying to get federally funded Section 8 housing. It was so bad, that her voucher expired. The Section 8 folks even ignored our phone calls.

But Steager is resourceful. She has a place now thanks to NYCHA. It gets her and the girls out of the shelter system.

She’s working and vows her family will have its own apartment soon.

Meanwhile…shame on the Section 8 people for completely dropping the ball and treating a veteran this way.


And then there’s Pastor R. David Keith. We’ve been telling you about him for a year now. He’s accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from a South Plainfield, NJ plumbing and heating company.

After skipping out on one court date, Keith was supposed to be in Middlesex County Superior Court this past Monday. But his lawyer got sick, so it’s been postponed to next Monday. The co-owner of the business Keith is accused of ripping off, Jim Coyle, tells me he believes there’s a plea deal on the table. He wants this over.

We’ll see.