High levels of lead found in 4-year-old Brooklyn boy, mom urges parents to test their kids

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BROOKLYN — A Brooklyn mom whose 4-year-old son tested for high levels of lead in his blood is urging other parents to get their children tested.

Sherron Paige and her son live in the Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn. Kyan Dickerson, during a routine doctor’s visit back in July, tested for high levels of lead in his blood.

“My son is affected by lead. I never thought it would happen to me,” Paige said.

Paige says her son had a blood lead level of 12.  There is no safe blood lead level and anything above level 5 is considered blood poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Paige still lives in the same apartment now and has serious concerns there is still lead inside her apartment.

“How do I know they tested my apartment properly," she asked.

Last year, New York City Housing Authority Commissioner Shola Olatoye testified under oath that lead inspection teams were Housing and Urban Development Department certified. The NYC department of Investigation found they were not.

Last week, Olatoye stepped down in a cloud of controversy.

Paige is now part of a class action lawsuit filed by her lawyer Cory Stern. Stern represents about a hundred children living inside NYCHA right now, living with high levels of lead.
Stern is the lead counsel for the Flint, Michigan water crisis litigation, where he currently represents about 3000 children who are lead poisoned.

“It has the potential to be worse than Flint," Stern said about the situation in NYCHA developments.

A spokesperson NYCHA said, “We visited the resident's apartment this afternoon and staff will start making the necessary repairs. We can and must do better to provide residents with the safe, clean and connected communities they deserve."

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