Community gathers in Canarsie Park to honor woman found dismembered

CANARSIE, Brooklyn — It was Nicole Odom’s motivation in returning to Canarsie Park Monday night — to lace the fence with a pink ribbon in memory of her daughter, Brandy.

This is where Brandy’s naked, dismembered torso was discovered along a pathway in the brush just a few weeks ago.

"I appreciate all the love and support that everybody is showing me throughout the community," Odom said. "The only thing that I do have to say is, killer – or person, you seeing this, watching this, just please, have some type of something or heart, and just come forward."

There’s still gap missing in the 26-year-old mother’s whereabouts during her final days.

This gathering  was not just an opportunity for friends, relatives, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and other community leaders to support Ms. Odom.

It’s part of an ongoing commitment to keep this case in the public eye.

“As a former member of the New York city Police Department, I am clear on how important it is to not allow the stories to leave the front pages of our minds and our hearts,” Adams said.

“Those of you who are watching this - step up. Take the responsibility and give this family the closure they deserve. You know what happened,” said Herbert.

After voicing her displeasure with the amount of attention she believed the NYPD was giving her daughter’s homicide investigation, Odom says a subsequent follow-conversation with department officials led to a change in her opinion – and outlook.

“Last week, I was very emotional. It was a lot going on with me," Odom said. "But as far as the NYPD, they are showing support toward me and my family at this moment. So I appreciate the NYPD and all what they are trying to do with this case."