Deadly fire at Trump Tower deemed accidental, sparked by power strips: FDNY

MANHATTAN — A fire at Trump Tower that killed a man earlier this month has been ruled an accident caused by overloaded power strips, fire officials said Monday.

The April 7 blaze started about 5:30 p.m. in an apartment on the 50th floor of Trump Tower. When firefighters arrived, the apartment was “virtually entirely on fire,” FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

Fire marshals said the fire was sparked by “sequenced power strips powering multiple components.” There were no smoke smoke alarms in the apartment, fire officials said.

There were no sprinklers either. The building opened in 1983 when building codes did not require sprinklers in residential sections of buildings.

Todd Brassner, 67, died from smoke inhalation, the city’s medical examiner said. He was an art collector who spent time with Andy Warhol, but fell on hard financial times in recent years, the Associated Press reported.

Four firefighters were hurt while battling the flames, officials said. No member of the Trump family was in the building during the fire.

After sharing the ruling about the fire on its official Twitter account, FDNY shared this message:

“Be #FDNYSmart – Don’t overload outlets, and remember that extension cords are for temporary use only.”